Bathroom Remodel Ideas 

Since buyers will scrutinize the bathroom, remodeling ideas are essential when home buyers come to your home for a showing. This is the room that you must focus on if you want to capture them.  Make some changes before buyers walk away disappointed if you are not happy with how your bathroom looks now. 


It can make or break the design of your room, even though the vanity may not be the most glamorous amenity in your bathroom. Your bathroom won’t be functional if it lacks ample storage, has practical materials, or is placed clumsily.  To hold bathroom necessities, choose a vanity with sufficient storage. You can always ask assistance from professionals from bathroom renovation Irvine. 

For a higher return on investment that laminate countertops and cabinets, consider using hardwoods that can resist moisture for cabinetry or transform to wood veneers and solid surfacing countertops. 

For your bathroom, it is advisable that you choose a bathroom vanity that is not too big or too small. It must be equal to the room’s size but can still accommodate your needs for getting ready. Do not cram a huge vanity into a tiny bathroom even if you want to impress buyers.  When installing the feature, it is a good idea to pick a spot that won’t interfere with your bathroom’s flow. 

Nowadays, buyers are no longer fixated for great soaking tubs. Since busy lifestyle call for showers which are convenient and functional.  Get rid of it and install a big shower if your bathroom still has a tub. To help future owners save water and money on utility bills, you can get a shower with his and hers shower heads and body sprays or look to water saving fixtures. 

It is true that bathroom fixtures can complete your bathroom beautifully. To give you some fresh bathroom look, something like a new faucet is a good idea. For your bathroom, fixtures come in a myriad of designs and you can easily find the perfect pieces. Some of the popular finishes for bathrooms are polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel. 

The more buyers will be interested in your bathroom upgrades if you have more storage in your bathroom. Buyers will open cabinets to see how much space they have when buyers get to your bathroom. You must ensure that they are half full. To avoid cluttering the shelves, store the small things you use daily like hair elastics in a closed box. 

It is true the buyer love neutral elements. Install new tiles, repaint walls, or keep a neutral palette if you plan to change your cabinetry. To add cleanliness to your bathroom, you can incorporate neutral colors and customize with accessories. Add colorful towels and accessories if you feel that the room will look bland with neutral elements. 

It is essential that you choose accessories that can reflect the look of your fixtures as well as your bathroom’s overall style. To instantly transform a bathroom, you can use luxurious towels. It is advisable that you display new towels because those towels will never look the same after being washed. 

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